Argentinian entrepreneur Silvina Moschini launches SheWorks!

Shortly after Women’s Day Silvina Moschini´s took the opportunity to introduce SheWorks!, the first and only platform designed to connect professional women to flexible jobs according to their experience. With this tool, women will be able to connect to the jobs they want from anywhere, including from the comfort of their homes.

Moschini is an Argentinian entrepreneur and business woman, mostly known in Latin America as the Internet Analyst and Tech Expert for CNN en Español –the Spanish version of the American News Channel. Her new platform is based on transparent business technology, and is one of her startups created to connect companies with professional freelancers.



This technology combines artificial intelligence with algorithms in order to match candidates to jobs based on their experience and skills.

The aim of SheWorks! is to encourage female empowerment, gender equality and economic independence. This will allow companies to hire qualified women professionals from all around the world to work with them remotely, reducing the distance and gender gap.

“Our vision has a social impact on several levels: on the economy, helping to reduce unemployment and increase GDP; on women´s lives- empowering them through the use of technology to access digital training and grow professionally; and on companies that will be able to set up teams and capture the best talents in the world and collaborate online, the way a digital economy works,” stated Moschini at her presentation.



SheWorks! has started working with high profile international companies such as Univision, Criteo and Mastercard. The company is also an ally of the Inter-American Development Bank and the Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Dominican Republic governments.


Silvina Moschini, SheWorks!

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