Instagram fosters safe community

In an attempt to make the Instagram community safer and ‘kinder’, Instagram released a couple of add-ons to their app. In a recent blog post, Kevin Systrom expounds on his company’s aim to foster a safe environment and encourage kindness in the Insta-community.

On March 25 and 26, Instameets were held globally around the theme of kindness. From Indonesia to India to Russia, Instagrammers all around the world joined forces into portraying what kindness looks like for them.

 Indonesia was one of the countries to hold an Instameet

The new app additions serve as a continuation of this effort. Instagram tries to tackle offensive content, prevent unwanted online oppositions and self-harm. With this in mind, they launched, which teaches users everything they need to know about protecting themselves and their content. On top of this, photos that are deemed offensive will now have a screen over them. These may or may not be sensitive photos – as long as they are reported offensive, Instagram will be adding a screen over them.

On another note, they also added a two-factor authentication to users. This tool adds an additional layer of security for the users’ profiles, and prevents identity theft and phishing. This proves to be quite an important addition, especially with the rise of phishing scams last year – a total of 1,220,523, 65% more than what was reported in 2016.

“Phishing is an attack that relies primarily on fooling people, rather than highly sophisticated technical implementations,” said APWG Senior Research Fellow and iThreat VP Greg Aaron. “For that reason, phishing remains both popular and effective. Also, the APWG’s numbers for 2016 just measure broad-based attacks against consumer brands.”

Users can enable two-factor authentication via their profile settings, going to two factor authentication, and requiring the security code. Turning this on means that the user will receive a security code that they need to input along with their password. In case of any problems, Instagram also provides a list of back-up codes, which users can save for a rainy day.



Kevin Systrom, Instagram

Greg Aaron, APWG Senior Research Fellow and iThreat VP