Pinterest plays big part in wedding planning

by JW Hoh

Raashi Rosenberger, part of the team on creative strategy for Pinterest, has shared wedding-related statistics and facts related to Pinterest, on the social network’s official business blog. In her findings and research:

  • 40 million people incorporate Pinterest into their wedding planning each year
  • Over 900 million wedding-related Pins saved
  • 378 million wedding-related searches

She added that a lot of these users have started using Pinterest earlier than other wedding sites, during the stages of discovery mode, when they are still finding ideas and inspiration breakthroughs. Over time, they use their favorite pins when it comes to decision-making and bringing their vision to life. According to a recent study with research firm DeepFocus, Pinners are more involved with their wedding planning than non-Pinners. They give a lot more time and thought on what they aspire their wedding to be like, from the dress, to the color scheme, and the décor.



Rosenberger also cited an example of a very effective Pinterest campaign by David’s Bridal, who used Pinterest as a crucial marketing tool to reach people early when they’re still open to new and different brands. David’s Bridal created the “Be Your Own Bride ” quiz which integrated content with Pinterest’s API (application-programming interface) for people to customize and dream their own perfect wedding. David’s Bridal used Promoted Pins to surface the quiz on Pinterest, and it also linked to its own website

Wedding related brands would find it a great idea to market themselves on Pinterest as users on the site tend to be more invested in their wedding planning. Aside from that, marketing on Pinterest also builds loyalty with not just current planners, but future planners too.

  • 27% of Pinners plan for their weddings several times per day compared with 18% of non-pinners.
  • 81% of engaged Pinners said that they had started planning even before they were engaged.

Rosenberger’s full article can be found here.


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