Pinterest targets Super Bowl viewers with personalized microsite

This year, Pinterest has started courting Super Bowl watchers and advertisers by creating a microsite called “Most Valuable Party Planner.” This microsite analyzes the user’s accounts to create a football-themed board of recipes, fashion and party tips. It firsts asks users a few questions about what type of Super Bowl party they are planning, and then pulls in data from Pinterest’s API in order to create the digital board personalized to the user. It was found that Pinterest hosts more than 600 million pins about Cheese, so the company Sargento has decided to sponsor the section. Alastair Cotterill, global head of The Studio at Pinterest, which is Pinterest’s internal creative team, said that they realized that people came to Pinterest to plan and find inspiration in advance. And this is not different with sports events, where people usually come a week before. Searches for football-related recipes have become steadily rising, and the Pinterest team has been trying to think of a creative approach to add to people’s experience. Thus, their team came up with this idea and then took it to Sargento. The “Most Valuable Party Planner” microsite is currently being mass promoted through Promoted Pins and using media outside of Pinterest, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Cotterill said that he hopes this will continue to be a trend this year, and that they have plans on collaborating with more brands to create personalized experiences for people.


Alastair Contterill