Marketers weigh in on Pinterest’s ad offerings

Several ad executives and marketers have been critical of Pinterest because of its slow product rollout and unclear messaging. Noah King, vice president of social media at Socialyse, said that while other digital media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have clearly defined their roles, Pinterest still has not settled on their core purpose. Others have said that Pinterest is slow with their data and ad tech offerings. President Tim Kendall quickly defended the company saying that Pinterest has been coming up with new product advancements and developments when it comes to ad tech, although he acknowledges that they have found difficulty in their messaging. He said that it has been a constant challenge to position Pinterest as it blends elements of search, product recommendations and commerce.     Jason Stein, chief executive of the ad agency Laundry Service, said that several of his clients have already tried campaigns on Pinterest, yet so far, the performance has not been satisfactory. On the other hand, Hayley Diamond, senior vice president and head of digital strategy, partnerships and marketplace solutions at the ad buying firm Mediavest|Spark said that although Pinterest cannot cope up with Snapchat and Instagram, she has already seen the progress in Pinterest’s marketing offerings. With this, she believes that Pinterest is still a great company to partner with because of the possible long-term results of their efforts today.




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