Brands need to get on video campaigns to succeed in Southeast Asia

Around 83% of online consumers in Southeast Asia reportedly watch online videos every day according to AOL’s State of the Video Industry Report for 2017.

Because of the strong interest and need for premium videos from both consumers and advertisers, this is definitely an opportunity that publishers can exploit. In fact, about half the publishers and advertisers foresee a 25% increase in video spending this year although 7% expect a slight fall in the revenue from programmatic video in the next 12 months.

While there are mixed opinions on why digital video advertising is a hit in the Southeast Asia, the same report identified the top three reasons: (1) accessibility of videos via social media platforms, (2) creative quality, and (3) targeting and personalization of video ads, respectively.

Yahoo recognizes this growth in online video and has recently launched Yahoo Storytellers to assist brands in their content marketing strategies. In Singapore, the company is partnering with over 170 brands to help create campaigns inclusive of premium video for leading names such as AirAsia, AXA, Chanel, Samsung, and Unilever, among others.

Brands under Unilever such as Sunsilk and Dove have gotten great response in Southeast Asia from video campaigns that are engaging and relatable


Besides the huge interest in online campaigns and buzz aka what’s trending, the high percentage of online video watching can also be attributed to the widespread use of mobile phones and consumption of social media in the region.

Naturally, the rise of digital video advertising is not without its set of challenges. As compared to the global average, 55% of concerns in Southeast Asia involves the lack of programmatic technology in building and tracking campaigns, as well as issues of safety and quality.

Still, online advertising doesn’t seem to be facing a slow down any time soon.





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