MeO Social Beta is here

Imagine an all-in-one tool that will transform the way you work. No more multiple sites and apps, a flooded inbox and time wasted scrolling past content you don’t really need.

It’s possible! Accomplish goals and consistently deliver effective social media campaigns with MeO Social.

What is MeO Social?

MeO Social is a digital platform designed to make creative content management easier and faster. The first of its kind, it provides all the necessary tools for both client and team, making workflow much more efficient.

Who needs MeO Social?

Anyone who works in the creative industry can reap the benefits of this essential tool. Those making strides in marketing, advertising and other agencies as well as social media managers, blog managers, graphic designers, video editors and brand and account managers.

Why MeO Social?

Until now, no other platform gives both clients and creatives all the tools they need in one place. Workflow and creativity are hampered by unnecessary tasks such as switching from one tool to another, digging up crucial information, chatting via several messaging apps and so on.

MeO Social eliminates all that and gives you a perfect place to:

Share ideas by uploading text, images, videos, audio files and much more on the MeO Idea Moodboard. No more scrolling past messages to find important files! See what the team is up to in one click.

Rate and approve ideas using the voting tool. Discuss revisions and other edits with the chat/messaging function on the MeO Idea Moodboard or directly on the file.

Pin tasks, set deadlines and facilitate workflow without having to open several sites and apps.

Post approved ideas to social media sites with MeO’s publishing tool. Run consistent campaigns across different social media sites and pages with just one switch.

Get real results. Know what works and what doesn’t with MeO analytics.

Most of all, it’s very easy to use!

Want to get started…

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