Did you hear: InstaVoice Channels in Lesotho

The InstaVoice Channels app is the result of the collaboration between Kirusa and Vodacom Lesotho.

InstaVoice is a platform that manages missed calls and voice messages from several different numbers through multiple carriers. The InstaVoice channels being launched brings celebrity and sports content to users in an exciting Twitter-like, voice blogging format.



Kirusa, a social media solutions company, and Vodcam, a telecommunications company join forces and technologies to bring users this exciting new platform. Using the Celebrity Content service celebrities will be able to post voice notes of what’s happening in their day. Vodacom subscribers will be able to access voice updates and get inspired from local personalities: motivational speaker Mary Bosiu, comedian Bofihla Neko and hip-hop prodigies Skebza D and Dollaman.

Daily sports updates are available in, of course, voice format, and they will provide sports fanatics updates before, during, and after the games. The feature will prove to be a hit as Lesotho is a country obsessed with sports and sports fans will be delighted to follow their favourite clubs (English Premiere League Clubs, UEFA, La Liga). Additional perks will include team news, match analysis, and quotes from team players and managers.

InstaVoice Channels may just become Lesotho’s Twitter albeit more personal and perhaps more interactive- the voice posts arguably express more emotion and feeling. The channels appear to be a mix of Twitter and Instagram, showing that in regional markets like Africa there is still space for social media solutions in a world that is flooded with so many already-big social media players.



Vodacom Lesotho

Mary Bosiu

Bofihla Neko

Skebza D