Pinterest Lens Beta set to boost marketing and sales for brands

Pinterest upgrades Lens Beta to search multiple objects in an image. Corresponding with Lens is Visual Guides which will detect what users are searching for on a regular photo. Snap an image and you will be presented with a plethora of products and Pins related to said items. Pinterest folk may snap a photo of an outfit and the technology then zooms in on the details such as the sunglasses or shoes being worn.


Point and snap: Lens Beta and Visual Guide will present products related to objects in your photos


I guess you can say Pinterest is shaking things up in buyer experience– the technology makes for considerably quick and convenient purchases being made. From a brand perspective, uploading product catalogs to Pinterest and making the effort to fill up Pinterest boards will ensure your products show up in user results. Want to make sure it’s fail proof? Test the Lens feature by using it on some of your products and see if they are recognizable and detectable.


Lens can now be used on QR codes


Aside from objects, Pinterest has also incorporated QR code search. Simply point Lens at a QR code and you shall be redirected to the website or Pinterest board the code is linked to.

Pinterest’s software engineer Kelei Xu wrote that Lens already recognizes more than 1 billion objects. Lenses are already being posted, and the numbers have tripled in the last month.



Kelei Xu, Pinterest