Google Home arrives in UK on April 6

Google held an event for UK press on March 28, announcing its voice-controlled smart speaker to be available in the UK on April 6. It will be launched alongside Google Wifi.

Here’s how it works:

Google Home is a smart, voice-activated bluetooth speaker powered by Google Assistant.

The smart device will be available in a range of colours to better match your home decor. It can respond to your commands- read the news, keep track of reminders, stream your music and TV shows- even carry out little translations as you get ready for your upcoming vacation.

Google Assistant is also able to tap into its other services. The AI can scan emails, calendars, files, and personal photos held in other Google features. Oh, and it pairs with Philips Hue, IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings, too.

Google Wifi is a collection of small routers that can be placed around your home or any other space in order to improve and secure wireless signal, keeping track of and overcoming network congestion to provide the best signal possible for your home.

Home is responsive and easy to operate. Simply saying ‘Okay, Google’, or ‘Hey, Google’ triggers the microphones and four lights on top of the device, in Google’s colours, no less.

Google is expanding its presence to countries outside the US faster than Amazon did with Echo, cutting in right behind its competition as Echo was launched in UK October last year.