Barry Schnitt shares Pinterest journey

We came across a great article on PR Week we think our readers would find insightful in regards to brand building, positioning and development.

Barry Schnitt, Pinterest’s head of brand communications and community, shares his journey to catapult the simple social media pinboard company into worldwide success. Having worked for both Google and Facebook previously, he has had extensive experience in performing tech communication jobs, product and business PR, crisis communication and more.

Schnitt admitted that it was a risk moving from a multibillion-dollar company (Facebook) to a 30-person startup (Pinterest). However, he believed that this was a great opportunity to lead and build, and he also appreciated the unique appeal of Pinterest with its very personal and relevant content. He believed that Pinterest had a concrete vision and would eventually grow bigger, beyond what it was then.

Schnitt handled Pinterest’s PR and marketing, building the team from scratch and creating an infrastructure for the company. 5 years later, he has changed the way Pinterest communicates to the press, and its users.

Pinterest started out as a lifestyle service primarily by women, but that’s changing rapidly. Pinterest already places in the top US brands on Prophet’s Brand Relevance Index, with Amazon, Apple, Google, and Nike. This is a clear indication that the 6-year company has resonated well with the public.

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Barry Schnitt

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