Josh Graff: LinkedIn study shows decline in UK job search

A recent survey conducted by LinkedIn showed an 18 % decline in the number of EU graduates looking for jobs in the UK and a 10 % decline in the overall number of global job applicants, as an aftermath of Brexit. The results were based on information collected from over 3 million people.



According to LinkedIn VP Josh Graff, the study is a reflection of how Britain’s vote to leave the EU is negatively affecting both professionals and businesses in the UK. Graff’s stand on the situation is clear as he states, “Whilst there remains a great deal of uncertainty about what Brexit means for UK businesses, our findings make one thing clear. If British business leaders don’t act now to shore up their talent pipelines for a post-Brexit age, they risk facing interest and skills gaps in the future.”

“It’s therefore vital that businesses work closely with the Government to ensure that Brexit negotiations prioritise businesses’ access to top talent from across the globe,” he added.

Read Graff’s article here here.





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