LGBT month: MAC Cosmetics blazes a trail for brands with a cause


There are few brands out there as bold as MAC Cosmetics. Known for their loud and expressive ad campaigns featuring famous faces and collaborations with celebrities like Rihanna, Dita Von Teese and Ariana Grande, MAC is not afraid to push boundaries. The Canadian brand has been around since 1985 and is still one of the most distinguished and trusted names out there. Some of the most loved all-time essentials of celebrities and makeup artists are courtesy of the brand.



It’s LGBT month and we’re taking an in-depth look at one of the forerunning brands supporting the community through creative brand awareness strategy and social media expression.

“All ages, All Races, All Sexes” – MAC Cosmetics. That’s the first thing you see on MAC’s Instagram Page.

To celebrate Pride Month, MAC posted a series of photos on their social media accounts showing influencers and makeup gurus sporting gradient or patterned lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes, and mascaras in rainbow colors as their show of support. Using the hashtag #MACLovesPride, followers joined in on the fun by posting their own rainbow color makeup, some of which were reposted by MAC.


MAC and the cause

RuPaul (pictured). MAC has a long history of collaborating with celebrities who are out and proud, like RuPaul, Elton John and Ricky Martin


VIVA GLAM is still a cult collection for anyone who knows cosmetics. The collection really started out with a single lipstick- the very first lipstick created in support of, and to raise money and awareness for AIDS during the height of the pandemic. Fashion, and makeup, communities were greatly affected, and MAC took a stand.

The brand has a year-round charity campaign that raises funds for those suffering from AIDS called MAC AIDS Fund. When speaking to Digiday, Nancy Mahon, svp of MAC Cosmetics and executive director of the MAC AIDS Fund, said, “We’ve always been a purpose-driven brand for all ages, races and had a great relationship with the trans community.” She continues, “Brands becoming content creators have really democratized the spread of information. But as an activist brand, we want to go where the decision-makers are. Content without a point of view is hollow.”

The brand is working with director Silas Howard of ‘Transparent‘ fame, on a video series called #Trans102 about the trans and non-conforming community. Here’s a teaser.


Caitlyn Jenner’s collection with MAC received tremendous feedback and opinion


In the past year, the brand tapped Caitlyn Jenner, inarguably the most famous person to come out in 2016, as one of their ambassadors. Jenner’s journey was a widely documented, emotional one, hence the name of the lipstick, ‘Finally Free’.

In 2015, MAC developed a campaign called MACnificent, an open call for fans to express their passion for the company’s products, regardless of their gender. According to winner, 33-year-old Ben Dniprowskij from Melbourne, Australia, “They wanted people with soul who have something to say. And I am here to represent all of the gay men, straight men and anyone else who feels that they cannot be who they want to be.”

MAC Social

MAC is a trendsetter, to say the least. The brand has long presented their fans with fresh takes on makeup and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to product offerings. The label is more than simple cosmetics, it’s a lifestyle, a ‘cool club’, if you will. Transparency and being outspoken about their beliefs coupled with glamourous presentation featuring fabulous personalities- there is not much the brand would shy away from.

MAC Cosmetics never comes across a hard sell, rather, those who buy their products and consider themselves loyal fans are proud to be associated with the larger than life brand. Because a brand that stands for something is a brand that’s distinctive, and authenticity is a movement everyone wants to be a part of.


MAC Cosmetics



Caitlyn Jenner

Nancy Mahon, MAC Cosmetics