Why Pinterest is a friend to real estate

A large number of users go to Pinterest to look for home inspiration which is exactly why the platform is the perfect place for real estate brands who are actively searching for their target audiences. 119 million pins on the platform are related to home decor. The search features allow users to filter search tags that give companies and brands more leverage in connecting with an audience that is genuinely interested in what they offer.

Pinterest offers advertising on the platform which can generate high engagement and impressions, if done correctly. The brand selects the ad objective and the relevant keyword search terms. In order to optimize this feature, brands should do their research. Brands can look at the top searched items or the current trends, so they can keep themselves relevant and appear higher in search results.

The same can be said about the content of the Pin. For example, a brand can create a Pin about 2017 home wallpaper trends that can be incorporated into a person’s home. This kind of topic is relevant and interesting, and would be more compelling for users to share and try. Brands can also share tips and tricks, and DIY projects that users can try on their own. The “Tried It” button on Pinterest is especially useful for users looking for insight about certain ideas, and the more people express contentment and confirmation that your Pin works, the more likely people will trust your brand. Subtle branding is also encouraged when coming up with creative content, as this keeps users more engaged as opposed to content that’s muddled with branding everywhere and eventually takes over the main message of the content.

Most importantly, brands should note that advertising on Pinterest requires advanced planning on strategy and execution. Brands should be able to anticipate the specific season and period when users are most actively planning. One tip is to look at the upcoming holidays and try to understand what people would be searching for during that time. If a brand is able to understand the movement of their target demographics, they will be able to engage with them seamlessly.