Thinking about joining our beta community?

What is it all about?

We built the MeO Social to solve the problems we were having communicating with our colleagues spread out across the 4 corners of the globe. In our company, we work with Designers in Europe, Writers in the USA, South America, Africa and Asia,  Audio Engineers in the UK, Video producers in Asia and Tech teams in India and Europe. Managing all those digital assets for clients and our own projects was painful and time-consuming – so we decided to FIX it!

So now it is time to work with you!

Our goal has always been to use the best person to do the best job – but we also wanted to reduce the risk of failure – we have fought really hard to make managing your digital process really simple. We like being the glue that saves time, improves the quality of your work and removes unnecessary noise to getting stuff done.

Now we need active passionate Beta Testers to help us make MeO Better.  We have put a lot of time into the platform so that we can make changes relatively quickly – and now we are focusing on building a passionate crew who can help us make sense of the needs and wants of teams of people working in the digital creative space.


Who is the “perfect” tester?

If you are interested in joining us, firstly we want to thank you for your interest and to also share the advantages of being a part of our beta team. If you are really interested in helping – we will give you 1 year free of charge for the first year of the production version (not the beta) – no charges – no limitations. To be part of the beta program – you MUST contact Todd – our product manager so that he can sign you and your team up – we need to formally accept you onto the program – if you choose not to contact him and use the system anyway – you can – but we won’t be able to offer you the advantage of the annual “Deal”.

Contact [email protected].and he will tell you more.

Why do we need to talk to you? Because during the Beta we need to count on your help to gain honest feedback.

We will likely ask you to:

• Report issues and problems you may encounter
• Share what you like about the platform
• Tell us which features you don’t fancy and how we can improve them
• Rate and review the platform

Working closely with you, we hope to make MeO Social the best digital platform for everyone in the creative industry. Our vision of providing an all-in-one tool to make content management easier, faster and more cost-effective depends on the beta community. By providing us with much-needed feedback, you will be helping us transform MeO Social Beta into the perfect digital platform for you.

We will stay in contact with you throughout the process to gain valuable insight into your likes and dislikes. When you come across something you have opinions about…reach out to us!! The more advice we receive, the quicker it will be changed to the benefit of the beta community.

We thank you again for your interest in MeO Social and look forward to having a great community. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact Todd at [email protected].