Will Snapchat’s new filter make Uber rides safer in Africa?

A collaboration between Uber and Snapchat will actually make trips easier and safer for their users.

Snapchat have released their ‘Uber” filter in South Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria. Uber riders can use Snapchat filters to indicate expected time of arrival, destination and also display cool in-ride filters.

It’s seen most importantly as a safety measure, particularly with recent unfortunate incidents involving Uber incidents in the region. Certain suburbs in Kenya and South Africa have banned the use of Uber due to reports of violence such as robbery and rape.

Followed by Uber accepting cash payments in South Africa the company recently hired private security to protect their drivers from assault by metered cabbies.

So far the feature is limited to the cities in which Uber operates (in Africa). The new function is available immediately to users of Snapchat and Uber on iOS and Android.