The battle is on as CrossFit partners with Facebook

The CrossFit community has been steadily growing over the years, and with this new partnership with Facebook Live, it looks like the professional sport will be getting even bigger. CrossFit Games General Manager Justin Bergh announced that Facebook Live has partnered with them to stream events and shows on Live.

Previously, CrossFit streamed events through their own website, but with this new deal, the games will start streaming to both YouTube and Facebook Live. This new move gives more engagement on various platforms, and serves as a tool for the community to introduce their sport and experience to fans, newbies, and others around the world.

Apart from competitions, behind-the-scenes programming such as “Coaches Corner” and “Frenemy Friday” will also be streamed online. This partnership takes the traditional showcasing of fitness centers and their athletes to a new level. By opening up new platforms for CrossFit games, this opens a wider audience reach, as well as engagement and feedback. Fans all over the world come together to support their teams in live sports events and this paves the way for fitness centers to promote themselves, also by way of sponsoring live events or product placement. The fitness industry is loved by many and will be able to acquire the attention of more people than ever before.

Twitter and Amazon are also in the business of live sports online streaming i.e NFL’s football games. There are generally more users on Facebook and it can be expected that that will catapult CrossFit into a wider net globally. The first event to be streamed will be the CrossFit Regionals. Can you smell the sweat?




Justin Bergh, CrossFit Games

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