Facebook the new LinkedIn?

Facebook is not any wasting time, becoming an all-in-one platform very quickly. This time, Facebook looks to become the new recruitment site for job-seeking users, and the platform does boast a robust 1.86 billion monthly active users and an astounding 5 new profiles created every second. This undeniably gives Facebook an edge over many job search sites.

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Through Facebook’s Jobs page, employers can easily view the applicant’s page and other details. This imposes a threat to other services like LinkedIn, however, the latter is business-like in its approach while the former most likely hopes to inject some fun and encourage a more social, interactive way of doing things. Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn last year should mean more developments and widening of scope in operations although it remains to be seen if LinkedIn maintains its job search edge over Facebook’s new venture.

The social network tested the new offering a few months ago to help users search for work. The job postings can be shown in the users’ feed and other business pages. If applicants want to pursue a job posting from the page, they can click the “Apply Now” button and they will be redirected to a form which will be pre-populated according to their profile.

The new update is launching in the United States and Canada currently. Facebook has not made a comment on whether it will be available globally any time soon.

This move is an additional, engaging activity users can utilize the platform for. Facebook was founded in 2004 and  started as a means of connecting people and has since branched out to prospects in artificial intelligence, among other things.



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