How influencers affect the majority of Romania internet users and where to find them?

Online influencers have become a huge part of digital marketing. As the term implies, these are the individuals who can influence the opinions or “buying decisions” of a specified target audience, mostly thanks to their social media following across channels.

Let’s take the majority of internet users in Romania, who only follow at least one online influencer, as an example. In a recent report, it highlighted the most popular platforms where Romanian influencers use, the brands they trust, as well as the preferred content of this online Romanian audience.

Most Popular Platforms Used

Starcom Romania presented a new study called “InfluenceMe: A 360 Perspective on Romanian Influencers.” This inquiry reveals the way the internet users interact with influencers and the significance they spawn. As per Romania, 75 percent of internet users only follow at least one online influencer.

Facebook and YouTube are the most popular and most used platforms on a daily basis. These have the biggest average time spent on a single session. On the other hand, influencers are least followed on Google+, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tumblr platforms.

1. Facebook

The Facebook users who follow online influencers on this platform are mostly representative of the age demographics of 18 to 24. Their inclination is apparent with regard to the kind of Facebook influencers. Thus, 63 percent of the respondents prefer professionals, while 50 percent of them follow celebrities and people like us at the same time.

Users on this social media show more interest in the posts about lifestyle, gastronomy, house, garden or DIY. The subject matter is wide just like in any other platform, and the content is published in different ways such as through video, still images, text, and articles.

Likewise, Facebook is the top platform for the users’ interaction with the online influencers’ content, with 80 percent of them reacting to the posts. The reasons why these people follow certain influencers on this platform are so that they will be inspired and gain knowledge.

2. YouTube

YouTube users who watch their favorite influencers on this platform are primarily represented by the 18 to 39 demographics, with a high affinity for those aged 18 to 24. On this platform, internet users’ focus is mainly on celebrities, which is 63 percent, although this platform is where people like us become widely known by vlogging.

On average, YouTube users search for content with regards to personal care, beauty, garden, home, DIY, IT & C or food, compared to other platforms. At the same time, Romanian internet users are also attracted to video clips about lifestyle.

YouTube is the platform for video clips, and all users do prefer this kind of content. Nonetheless, 54 percent of the users also confirm that they are also attracted to the audio content, for which this platform is also used as a digital music platform.

Here, internet users react passively to the content of the online influencers. Sixty-one percent of them merely watch videos. The most dominant reasons why the content posted by influencers on this platform are “to feel good, to relax and to amuse.”

Meanwhile, YouTube users are searching for a bigger content that can aid them in getting inspired or finding tips and answers. They prefer the “influential products” to appear in video clips.

YouTube succeeds in generating increases in sales of endorsed products — to a much greater extent than any other platforms studied.

3. Instagram

The Instagram users that follow online influencers have an average of 18 to 39 demographics. These people are attracted primarily by the content posted by their favorite celebrities.

The users focus on topics like fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and personal care. In line with the general content on this social media, the Romanian internet users prefer the way influencers post their contents through photos. As reported, more than half of them also prefer video clips.

When users’ interaction with the influencers’ content is talked about, the “Like” button is the only and widely used way to show a reaction. If they do not like or appreciate the online influencer’s post, the Romanian internet users merely do not take any other action aside from seeing the post or reading it.

The Instagram users follow the influencers for them to be inspired and to become aware of what is trendy or what is new. Also, Instagram has over the average results in accessing with the relaxation motive. Users are following such influencers to feel good, to have fun, and to relax.

The InfluenceMe study shows that 47 percent of the respondents do prefer the advertising content of the online influencers promoted as video clips wherein the products appear, too. The banners and presentation videos come as second.

4. Twitter

Twitter users who follow influencers on this platform are usually married and over the age of 30 — with highlighted segments of both 30 to 39 and 45 to 49 demographics. Thus, 57 percent of them follow professionals. Even if these users are not the fans of certain celebrities, they still follow them on this platform.

Subject matter watched by Twitter users are either IT & C or lifestyle. When it comes to the content-type that they prefer, text or articles or photos are among their first choice.

Usually, Romanian internet users on this platform interact passively with the influencers’ content. They merely read or see it so that they will be informed.

Romanian users of this platform do not like a particular kind of branded content posted by influencers. Video presentations, articles or product placements are most likely to be tracked on Twitter. Reactions to viewing the content of a campaign by influencers are less powerful than average. Of those who remember, 30 percent searched for more information about a particular product after seeing it being promoted by an online influencer.

5. Blogs

Blog readers who follow influencers on this type of platform are well-represented in various age ranges, with a significant concentration in segment 25 to 29 years. They are more oriented toward professionals and people like us, which they also follow on blogs.

Romanian internet users are looking for blogs about lifestyle when compared to any other platform. The most searched content-type posted by influencers is the text or the article.

Meanwhile, product promotion by bloggers can let the audience access to additional links and get more in-depth information. Thus, the main reasons why online influencers are tracked on this type of platform range on the following premises: “to inspire, to find advice or answers and to be informed.”

Blog readers also act as a community. Many of them say they are accessing blogs to feel connected or to simply have fun. On blogs, 59 percent of the respondents prefer to see ad articles in the form of articles while 44 percent prefer user guides. As emphasized, blogging is the best platform for this kind of promotion.

Even invitations are also appealing to bloggers. Romanian internet users who follow bloggers are more receptive than the average to buying and recommending influenced products on this platform. Because they feel they are part of a community, the chances for the bloggers to participate in sponsored competitions or events are greater.

Influencers and Brands

The study has divided the online influencers into three categories:

  • Professionals: people who are expert in a certain field
  • People: influencers who have gained online audience through giving constant relevant information about a particular topic
  • Celebrities: personalities who are in showbiz like actors, singers, and TV presenters

The most appropriate social media platforms in campaigns with influencers are Facebook and YouTube. No matter what the age, these two are best at targeting online audience.

However, Instagram is useful in reaching the young people with ages 18 to 24. Twitter is good at targeting ages 30 and 39. Depending on the content, the marketing campaigns with online influencers can reach their targets through blogs, where ages of the average online audience are both 25 to 39 and 45 to 49.

To provide a 360 approach, aside from the consumers’ perspective, the complete study also has the information about influencers and brand perspective. This information has resulted from questioning 26 marketers and 96 influencers in Romania.

Meet Inna: World’s Most Famous Online Influencer

Currently, the world’s most famous online influencer is the Romanian artist, Inna, who is known internationally. Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu currently has 12 million fans on Facebook, 3 million subscribers on YouTube and nearly 2 million followers on Instagram. She has a total of close to 2 billion views on YouTube.

Among the entertainment industry in Romania that Global Records — the largest online influencers company in Eastern and Central Europe — works with are Antonia, Delia, The Motans, Vanotek, Carla’s Dreams, Laura Musuroaea, Laura Giurcanu, Like One, Mihai Bendeac, Carmen Grebenisan, BRM, Vlad Munteanu, and many others.