Create and check tasks, draw and have discussions with your team directly on your digital content

To create a task click on one of the following 6 task icons on the left side of screen panel: ToDo, Delete, Like, Dislike, Move, Custom. Then click on the area of the file you would like to place it. The task pin will appear on that location and the task will appear in the right side task panel. By clicking on the pin, a task pop-up will appear where you can assign the task to a user, leave a task description or upload a new file when the task is finished. You can also delete or mark the task as finished in the right side task panel.

Video tasks are created the same way as on images. The only difference is you can place the task at a specific time on the video. Find the point in time you would like the task to appear on the video. Click on one of the task icons on left side and click again on the location where you would like to drop the task pin. On the bottom of the task popup you can adjust the task’s Duration. Meaning you decide when and for how long the task pin will appear on the video while viewing.

Creating a Task is slightly different on Text Documents because you will most likely need to highlight the area you want improved. Instead of choosing and clicking on a task icon, you must first highlight the area of the page you want annotated. Then click on a task icon on the left side of the screen. (You cannot add tasks while in Edit Mode).

To draw click on the freehand draw, circle or box icons on the left side panel. Then click and continue to hold your click while moving the cursor to begin drawing or resizing the shape. To erase click on the eraser icon and follow the same steps to draw, dragging the mouse over the area you would like to move. To change colors, width or opacity, of your drawing lines, click the icon “Drawing Tool” icon located directly under the eraser icon. You must do this before drawing to apply. (This will also change the size of eraser).

Users can also comment or have discussions directly on the File. Click the “ToDo” tab on the right side of the screen and the panel will open. On the bottom, enter your message in the text box and hit “Post Comment”. The comment will appear in chronological order with your teammates comments and tasks. These will be seen by all users on the Idea.

To see all of your tasks or all of your teams tasks on one page click on the Bell icon on the top right corner of your screen. This will bring you to the Task List Page and categorizes every task created in your ideas. To see only the tasks assigned to you, move the toggle switch on the top right corner of the page to “My”. To see your most recent notifications, click “Notifications” on the top left corner of the screen.