Go figure- winning hearts in Latin America has to do with trust

Latin American people are the warmest and most loyal consumers. To win them over you must first earn their trust. Latin American consumers have been taken advantage of one time too many by fraudulent brands, especially on the internet, so when a new entrant emerges in the market it can be really hard to capture the attention of customers.

To overcome company distrust and gain brand loyalty, companies must strive to communicate honesty and transparency in their customer relationships. Trust in a brand can be built through consistent engagement. There is no better way to build that loyalty than with a great social media strategy.



Latin Americans value personal communication and one on one conversations– perhaps more so than any region in the world. Social media is bridging the gap for business transparency in Latin America by providing the opportunity for businesses to start conversations and show signs that they worry for the happiness and satisfaction of consumers. People are ready to actively participate as long as the company takes measures that demonstrate that the opinions of their fans matter.

This region has seen major political disruptions and high inflation that hit consumers’ budgets and confidence in brands in 2016, resulting in a 22% decrease in the total value of the region’s strongest brands. However, the value of the Top 10 declined by just 14%, indicating that building trust in your brand can provide protection in tough times.

The retail sector brand trust and value remained largely unaffected because of their ability to implement comprehensive communication in their social channels and strategies that build excitement and trust with millennials.


Mexico: home to 127 million and Liverpool fashion fests


The rock star here is Mexican retail label, Liverpool. The retail brand stayed innovative in their campaigns, successfully attracting consumers through their online content and building excitement with their yearly fashion events. The brand is fun and relatable and this shows in their ad campaigns.

Liverpool knows that it is impossible to transcend in brand marketing in Latin America without creating a strategy that builds trust and desire in their customers’ minds. Before its yearly fashion fest the public relations team of the department store come together with the press to present the top models in their campaigns, and models with ‘celebrity status’ such as Kate Upton make appearances at their shows. The brand is tied to glamour in the minds of consumers. Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi performed at this year’s fashion fest to the delight of many. Events held for socialites, celebrities and bloggers in a tropical location equals great photo ops and exposure.


Celebrities like model Kate Upton make appearances at Liverpool’s shows


Liverpool’s consistent showmanship puts them in prime position to build presence and a relationship with their customers.

You can watch Liverpool’s lively Spring/Summer ad campaign here.

Liverpool shows are so popular and anticipated in the region that the brand is in no shortage of companies to partner with- namely, Televisa, the largest TV broadcast network in Latin América. The show – which is really more a spectacle than a traditional fashion show – fulfills the intention of creating a tonne of buzz and have spectators be part of the fun and really live in the moment.

Arguably in both social and fashion, what’s next is always more attractive than what is current.


Liverpool, Mexico


Kate Upton

Luis Fonsi