Netflix and YouTube dominate Asia

With the emergence of video in the digital sphere, there is no doubt that more and more opportunities are rising from this form of media.

To see how local competitors are doing against bigger names like Netflix and YouTube, e27 did a study of online video streaming services in 13 geographic regions, focusing primarily on Asia and Australia. Using Apple’s App Store revenue and download rankings, the business publishing company gathered data to see which factors make up the success of online streaming services in the region. One focus of this comparative study is to decipher whether or not local streaming platforms are competitive, and how they are competing with the globally acclaimed foreign apps.

It shows that while there are a few local platforms gaining a competitive reputation and ranking, Netflix and YouTube still dominate a greater percentage of Asia. In terms of revenue, Netflix proved to be the highest grossing app in 8 regions including India, Indonesia, and Australia. It is notable how in countries where Netflix is not number one, it still remains part of the top four video streaming platforms.

Notable local services, like India’s Hotstar TV, was a close second to Netflix. Live streaming apps like V Live from Korea, Kitty Live from Thailand, and Showroom from Japan, are also gaining popularity. While all of these cost nothing to view, some, like V Live, earn some revenue through using famous Korean celebrities in their live shows where the audience can give digital donations.

YouTube, on the other hand, had the most download hits in 11 countries.

Netflix, ironically, had high revenue but low number of downloads. For instance, Amazon Prime Video got a higher ranking in India, and local platform Hotstar TV ranked first.

The study confirms that audiences prefer high quality local content at a low price: at present, Hotstar TV costs 199 Rs, Netflix costs 500 Rs, and Amazon Prime TV costs 999 Rs.