What you can learn from airline carriers on social media

According to a report by social listening and analytics company Social Bakers, Singapore’s airline carriers are the darlings of its social media scene. Both Singapore Airlines and Jetstar Asia are amongst the country’s Top 5 Socially Devoted Facebook Brands, and Jetstar Asia and Tiger Air are also in the Top 5 Twitter Brands by Followers. Just check out how ‘social’ these airline carriers are on their platforms through our social cards below!

Exactly why are these airline carriers so popular on social media? They’re hitting the nail on several things that social media and fans love:

#1: Aesthetics

Social media is highly aesthetics-based, and studies have shown again and again that posting pictures will result in getting more likes, comments, and shares than posting status updates or links to articles. For some brands in traditional and staid industries, it might be challenging to feature aesthetically pleasing (yet relevant!) material on their social media accounts. However, airline carriers can easily post gorgeous pictures of far-flung and exotic locations – and because travelling is such a “mainstream” interest, these pictures are guaranteed to generate a steady stream of likes filtering in.

#2: User Generated Content (UGC)

Many airline carriers urge their followers and fans to hashtag their pictures with their branded hashtags to stand a chance of being featured on the official pages. These fans are already producing content that they share with their friends on their social media accounts – but by utilizing the hashtags, they’re generating more awareness for the airline carriers, and helping them move just a bit closer to achieving that highly coveted top of mind awareness. The airline carriers reward them by picking out noteworthy content to repost – and these posts, in turn, generate engagement. Now that’s a win-win!

#3: Breathtaking videos

Videos are also a great format to work with because they’re so dynamic, and they tend to capture attention more effectively than other types of media. Within a few seconds, viewers are quickly immersed in the rolling hills of green, azure blue seas, or magnificent snow-capped mountains that they’re seeing on screen – and because “travel more” is something that’s on virtually everyone’s bucket list, followers and fans will hit that share button relentlessly.

#4: Attractive giveaways

These can range from simple (“Like our page and stand a chance to win!”) to the slightly more complex (“Tell us which country you’d like to bring your mom this Mother’s Day, Like our page, and share this post”) – but when you’re giving away free air tickets, response is bound to be good.

There’s no question that airline carriers in Singapore are great at generating share-worthy, engaging content – but apart from these, what do their followers and fans expect from them?

#1: Speedy replies

Consumers who have questions are increasingly taking to private messaging or commenting on airline carriers’ social media accounts – instead of emailing or calling. Because of this, it’s important for the companies to keep up to date with all the enquires that they’re receiving through their social media channels, and to reply these promptly and efficiently.

#2: Dissemination of information

When flights are delayed, cancelled, or otherwise interrupted, consumers intuitively turn to airline carriers’ social media accounts for information. Under such circumstances, airline carriers should seek to provide regular updates on their social media accounts, and ensure that consumers are kept in the loop instead of feeling lost and side-lined.

#3: Attractive promotions

Everyone loves a good deal, but Singaporeans especially so. As such, those who follow airline carriers on their social media expect to have access to the latest promotions and deals when it comes to air tickets. There’s plenty of ways to be notified of these promotions, of course, including signing up for airlines’ email newsletters – but via social media seems to remain the most popular choice for discovery.

Whilst companies in different industries experience different challenges when it comes to social media, they can still look to the above expectations and think about how these apply to their own businesses. For example, an F&B business might not have to deal with flight delays and reschedules – but if it’s frequently booked for private events, it will still have to communicate these unforeseen and temporary closures to its consumers via its social media channels. Only companies that can manage both aspects well – curating aesthetically pleasing and relevant content, as well as keeping followers updated and in the know – will be well-received by consumers on social media.


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