Food brands can get behind Pinterest’s recipe visual search

Foodies rejoice! Pinterest has integrated their Lens technology to a new AI feature that allows users to explore recipes online by simply snapping photos of meals. Pinterest PR manager Dyani Vanderhorst wrote in a press release that they have applied computer vision technology in the form of “full dish recognition” that recognize meals and ingredients, then recommend recipes.

How it works: person goes to restaurant – person snaps photo of their pasta dish – person uses photo to search recipes, or similar recipes, of dish on Pinterest. Prior to the image recognition update, users were able to search for recipes and dishes by typing in keywords.

Yes, this update will be absolutely fun for foodies and their friends to navigate around and experiment with. Pinners can add feedback, reviews and star ratings recipes they’ve tried. Addtionally, the Pinterest Search feature now offers food filters, such as cooking time, ingredients, and dietary preferences- helpful, if you’re vegan or allergic to gluten.

Food brands, networks, and restaurants will find this a great opportunity to increase brand awareness with fans out there who live for nosh. Brands can find out what products work best where, and with whom; and marketers can upload recipes and dishes online to increase their chances of appearing in search results.

These new updates will boost the food and drink category on Pinterest as this particular sector on the platform has been growing consistently via mobile searches with an increase of 40% year-over-year.



Dyani Vanderhorst, Pinterest