Pinterest summer pitch deck shows brands how to achieve optimum results

Pinterest released their summer pitch deck for to agencies and advertisers. The deck includes pricing and strategies, as well as suggestions on what marketers can do to promote their products. The deck features Memorial Day, 4th of July, wedding planning, and home design ideas. The pitch deck also includes information on Pinterest’s statistics and the platform’s reach.

Pinterest has been taking their ad business seriously over the years. The platform has been working with brands while continuously improving their user experience. They’ve moved into visual discovery, and focusing on innovative ways to attract advertisers into buying their ad placements. The key ability Pinterest possesses is their great insight and understanding of what people want, and this clearly reflects in their pitch deck.

The platform knows what elements to emphasize on, and they have a deep understanding on the current standing of their target market. Their ads connect directly with users and are able to reach end consumers directly. Their summer pitch deck places great emphasis on how brands should provide interesting and relevant content while utilizing Pinterest’s ad features to improve engagement and reach audiences.

For instance, Memorial Day ad packages cost between $75,000 and $100,000 and it is recommended that brands target users who are interested in history for campaigns for this occasion. Brands can come up with interactive and unique storytelling ideas to launch their campaigns for this holiday. Preparing for Fourth of July? Home decor companies can come up with fun DIY activities and tutorials to get people excited. Food and beverage brands can promote recipes related to the event. Brands can also come up with themed menus for the holiday, donning dishes in red, white, and blue in sync with the Fourth of July.

It is undeniable that the Pinterest ad business can help marketers promote their brands with the level of interaction and traffic on the site. In particular, the two most popular searches on Pinterest all year round is home decor and weddings (tags). 119 million pins are related to home decor alone, so campaigns in this category cost less than others at just 37c cost per click. The wedding category also contributes a whopping 3 billion pins on the platform and is deemed a great theme for ad campaigns.

Pinterest is clarifying that it is a visual discovery tool (not a social network) and is asserting its strong influence on internet users while promoting its ability to adapt and continuously improve their services to cater to what the people need and are looking for – exactly the kind of thing marketers are looking for when navigating advertising opportunities.

For more information, Ad Age has uploaded the Pinterest summer pitch deck here.



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