How Aguardiente Antioqueño keeps its fire on social media

Christopher Columbus brought in sugar cane from Southeast Asia to the New World via the Dominican Republic in 1492. Since then Latin America has cultivated it eagerly and harnessed its unique properties. In Colombia, Aguardiente is an anise-flavoured liqueur made from sugar cane. The beverage is mostly drunk neat and is most popular in the Andean region. Each department – Colombia is made of 32 departments and a capital district – holds the rights to produce Aguardiente, however, the liquor can be sold in other regions. This is a recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Centuries later, Antioquía, Colombia, manufactures the best aguardiente in the country. The beverage represents the happy and cheerful spirit of Colombians.

Aguardiente Antioqueño came out on the market in 2007 and has garnered numerous international awards and is a best-seller in Colombia.

Their publicity has been an essential factor in the amazing results they have accomplished. Most of their marketing strategies are very well remembered and are focused on positive values like joy, friendship, having a good time and authenticity.

One of their key factors for boosting brand awareness and success are the catchy slogans they employ in their marketing campaigns. These are very easy to understand and simple to remember-using phrases you’d use while conversing with someone in everyday life. All of them have had an amazing impact in staying in consumers’ minds and resonating with their fans.


“Hecho pa’gozar” Made to enjoy

“Siempre tendrás un motivo” Always have a reason

“Ardiente” Burning

“Vive al rojo” Live red

“Pa’las que sea” For whomever

“Como sea pa’ las que sea” However, for whomever

These slogans combined with their social media marketing strategy has gained recognition on Facebook naming them the best in social media marketing in the region in 2015.

The objectives were simple

• Gain relevance in Colombia and increase sales by 40% year over year
• Create the trend of consuming aguardiente without sugar
Position the brand in consumers’ minds with catchy slogans that are easy to remember like, “ Pa Compartir Y Gozar” – to share and enjoy

Their social media communication strategy this year consists of 4 key points

• Generating engagement by the use of video to show the variety of cocktails that can be made with Aguardiente Antioqueño. They have had amazing response and results showing audiences how to prepare their drinks by providing links to colorful and lively videos on YouTube along with the ingredients required.

• Increasing social media engagement with a general theme a month: Mother’s Day in Latin America falls in May. Using hashtags to increase awareness for brand recognition saw the brand using, #SangríaRose de #AguardienteAntioqueño.

• Trivia questions provided social media engagement with customers. Audiences were asked in which event they would consume Aguardiente Antioqueño or how they like it prepared. This strategy combined with interactive images make people engage with the post more prominently compared to other brands.

Sponsoring events and concerts for artists in Colombia and promoting Aguardiente through use of banners, models and pictures showcasing the bottle in stands.

Their social media marketing strategy has brought them amazing results with 296,000 Facebook fans and 15,000 views on average on their videos.

What makes them so special compared to other brands is the creativity and interactiveness they employ in their social posts using videos, and using very memorable GIF Images with open-ended questions i.e how fans would mix their aguardiente.

Latin America responds and connects to the brand because it has the same personality as its people. This joyful spirit can be found in every aspect of the brand and the campaigns they create: it knows no age, social sphere or skin color. It’s a brand that speaks to everyone, as a ‘good friend’ who is present in every moment in your life.

In a nutshell, Latin America is the second largest consumer of social media worldwide Facebook is the largest social media network for Latin American markets. Colombia is the fourth largest consumer of social media content in Latin America behind only Brazil, Mexico And Argentina so achieving success in Colombia was critical for Aguardiente to penetrate the rest of the Latin American markets.



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