Making professional connections along the way with LinkedIn Job Matches

LinkedIn’s new mobile update is a job matching feature that will help job seekers and recruiters alike to find jobs and match open job positions. LinkedIn’s Today’s Job Matches shows users a list of job openings that match their corresponding skill sets, and will now also be available on the mobile app. Today’s Job Matches puts into account several factors, such as the user’s personal preferences, location and salary requirements. Marketers are also able to make professional connections within the community, and look for suitable hires.

According to Aatif Awan, vice president of Growth and International Products at LinkedIn, each connection inside the platform equates to about 400 new people, and each connection can connect to 100 new companies, with more than 500 positions open.

It becomes relatively easier as well for recruiters to profile LinkedIn users. With InMail Analytics Report, hourly updates accessible on the dashboard, with insights on response rates for different schools, companies, and seniority levels, as well as coming up with lists of candidates who are currently looking for job opportunities. This could prove useful for marketers who are looking for more partnership opportunities.



Aatif Awan, LinkedIn