We like business articles — we really, really like them

If you’re publishing business articles on LinkedIn you may want to make sure they’re quality articles going out to your network.

Business-focused publishers are enjoying traffic spikes on the platform and LinkedIn is making it a richer experience for users: from an overhauled newsfeed to updated analytics for publishers on trending topics, and statistics that show publishers what audiences are responding to.

According to the company, there’s been a 40% yearly growth in their news feed engagement.


LinkedIn has become part of Bloomberg’s top 10 referral sites


Bloomberg, for example, has gotten 26% more traffic from the site in the last couple of months, even after the company limited the number of stories on the site by 90%. Scott Havens, Bloomberg’s global head of digital, said they only shared stories that are relevant to LinkedIn users, and that they’ve been seeing a nice uptick.

Forbes, with its 4 million followers on the site, is gaining 150,000 new followers on a monthly basis. According to Forbes’ chief product officer Lewis D’Vorkin, they saw a new high on LinkedIn engagement, surpassing 1 million story clicks just last month – a staggering 120% growth from April of 2016. This success, he says, is due to publication sharing of aspirational content that LinkedIn users can resonate with.

Business Insider also generates 2 million to 4 million monthly clicks from LinkedIn- which is now a more successful platform than Facebook for online publications according to Ashley Lutz, Business Insider’s deputy executive editor.






Business Insider

Scott Havens, Bloomberg

Lewis D’Vorkin, Forbes

Ashley Lutz, Business Insider