Will Instagram’s mobile browser upgrade bring any value to users?

Instagram is finally giving users the convenience of posting photos via mobile browser.

Before, the mobile site only let users view, like, follow, and search for posts or other people. There are restrictions to this new upgrade, however, like limited photo-editing features. Users can’t upload directly from their computer browsers, much to marketers’ dismay, and there’s still no way to access Instagram Stories, live, or send direct messages in this upgrade. Many snap-loving users would have loved to be able to edit the frick out of their photos on their desktops and post them directly from there.



Still, this feature is a long way from the original Instagram concept. The company describes the app as a web experience optimized for mobile phones. This move was made in relation to the app’s rapid growth in the recent months.

According to the company, this new feature was launched with people in developing countries in mind – the people dealing with slower internet connections, or those lacking memory space in their phones. It will be interesting to see how much more usage this will encourage in the app’s userbase.



Perhaps Instagram will pivot an “Instagram Lite”- this would be a good way of testing the need for such an app.