Snapchat Infinity an ode to platform’s destined greatness?

Snapchat’s been battling some uphill climbs lately with the other leading fellas in social media, and the pressure for parent company Snap to please investors following disappointing first earnings.

Snapchat Infinity seems to be Snap’s way of saying, they will go on.

The new Infinity feature lets users add ‘limitless snaps‘ and ‘looping videos‘ for the first time. Previously, it was possible for a user to allow friends to view snaps for about 10 seconds, and the app deletes the content after. With the new infinity update, users can let their friends watch their snap video or photo for an unlimited time. However, once the user closes the snap, it will still self-destruct after they close the message. Looping videos, on the other hand, which are the video version of a limitless snap, work by recording a video and tapping the looping icon, so that the video will continuously repeat until your pal closes the snap, not dissimilar to Boomerangs.



Snapchat’s “Magic Eraser” update will also ensure we spend more time perfecting our snaps on the app. That, and the new Paintbrush to doodle on Snaps. The Magic Eraser allows users to erase anything on their snap. Erase away, and Snapchat will fill in that space using the background of the snap. The paintbrush emoji doodle option, on the other hand, allows users to select any emoji and draw on their snap. Spell out words made out of smiley faces or hearts. However, the emojis currently enabled in the drawing tool are still limited.

158 active users are on the app daily and despite the verdict that Snap has a lot to prove post first earnings, it is still too early to tell if the company is destined to plummet- or reach greater heights.


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