Pinterest’s first US campaign will define what the platform is (aka not a social network)

This summer Pinterest will set sail its first advertising campaign in the US. The company is considering ad spend on billboards, websites, newspapers, and magazines working with Janet Champ, the creative director behind Nike campaigns.

In an interview with Bloomberg’s Decrypted podcast, CEO Ben Silbermann said, “The No. 1 challenge is getting people to understand that Pinterest isn’t a social network.”



The campaign will not only define what Pinterest is, it will also define what the platform isn’t. Silbermann has emphasized several times the distinction between Pinterest and other social media networks. Pinterest positions itself as a platform to “get ideas for your real life,” a tool for users to organize their interests and ideas such as vacation itineraries, recipes, fashion OOTDs, gadgets, etc.

Pinterest wants the campaign to encourage people to perceive them as the original visual discovery platform, the place where you find ideas, and proceed to execute them in real life. Pinterest has solidified itself as a platform for users to discover, and a place for brands to market themselves to an audience that is seriously on the lookout for new things to explore and procure.

Although the campaign will help raise awareness, the most effective way to add users is for Pinterest to continuously improve its product offerings, according to Silbermann.

This campaign might just aid Pinterest in rising above their competition in a big way through differentiation.



Ben Silbermann

Janet Champ

Decrypted podcast, Bloomberg