Snapchat targets advertisers with Snap Ads Max Reach

Snapchat has added a new ad-buying format that is similar to a traditional website’s homepage takeover. This new format is called Snap Ads Max Reach, an option that is said to be similar to Instagram’s Marquee and Twitter’s First View homepage takeover option. Snap Ads Max Reach works by placing a brand’s ad to any Stories on a given day. You’ll be able to view the ad when you view, say, a friend’s or a celebrity’s Story, Our Stories and/or Publisher’s Story.



As of now, campaigns for Snap Ads Max Reach are only available in the US. An international expansion is yet to be addressed. This new marketing feature is a clear move on Snap’s part to establish themselves as a viable channel for advertising, the way their competition have already done. As users continuously increase the amount of time they spend on digital media, more and more advertisers invest their ad budgets to these channels.

This new roll out can encourage marketers to use Snapchat as a channel for their brand campaigns. This feature could work especially well with event-driven campaigns and similarly benefit movie or product launches. The platform allows ads to appear for 24 hours and these ads target Snapchat’s entire userbase- users can view the “Max Reach” ad on the given day. The drawback here is that ad spend and efforts could be futile as the ads can be seen by all users as opposed to targeting a specific market.


Snap Inc.