Brazil leads e-commerce in Latin America with 75% market share

According to the research Tendências do E-Commerce Brasileiro 2017 (‘Trends in Brazilian E-Commerce 2017’) carried out with the participation of around 750 thousand online stores in Latin America, Brazil holds  75% of the market, almost ten times over Mexico.

Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Peru each hold a market share of 5% or less.


Mexico is second place in e-commerce activity holding only 8.5% of market share


Today  Brazilian e-commerce comprises of 590 thousand stores online, 31% more than in 2015. The annual growth ratio for the last three years were respectively 25%, 27% and, even with the economic crisis, 21% for last year. The prediction is that this year’s numbers will not deviate from this gradual growth.

One of the main factors for Brazil being at the top of the e-commerce ranking are the online offers. A recent study made by the Brazilian Credit Protection Association (SPC) shows that 50% of consumers consider price as the greatest attraction in e-commerce. Other important factors include convenience since, for 33% of consumers, time-saving is the biggest advantage. For 27% of consumers, the ability to compare brands and prices is the main reason to buy online.



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The idea here is curatorship, since there are so many stores currently available. Consumers can feel flustered, and the site aids the dilemma by offering a select variety of stores coupled with constant updates. The database of stores and somewhat personalized aspect that this approach gives is showing excellent results in Brazil at the moment.


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