Snapchat releases Snap to Store, gives advertisers online to offline conversions

The road to mobile advertising is quite the breezy walk, although there are still certain aspects that require a bit of an uphill climb, as proven by the series of updates and new advertisement avenues churned out by advertising giants like Facebook and Google. Now, joining the game is Snapchat, leveraging on their strengths to lure advertisers into some serious analytical insight on their customers.

Snapchat is set to roll out Snap to Store, where advertisers will be able to see whether or not their Snapchat ads are actually converting into foot traffic. Advertisers will have access to a dashboard that allows them to compare their customers’ whereabouts, before and after ads. The dashboard also calculates incremental visitors and visitation as well as demographic information like age, gender and region.


A handful of pioneer brands like Paramount Pictures, Wendy’s, and 7-Eleven have already tried out this feature. Snap did a case study on Wendy’s Jalapeño Fresco Chicken Sandwich geofilter ad, noting that the sponsored lens drove over 42,000 incremental people to visit a Wendy’s branch within seven days.

This data was measured through people’s use of Wendy’s geofilter apps, which can be shared to friends and to user stories. Data of the friends who use this geofilter after seeing the video will then be collected and compared with the number of friends who went to a Wendy’s and used a geofilter without seeing it from other users.

“Foot traffic into our restaurants is the best measurement of short-term sales success for any program—we want more ad tech like this,” said Brandon Rhoten, head of advertising, digital, social and media at Wendy’s.

As opposed to the usual advertising tactics where advertisers can choose people in specific areas, Snapchat’s attempt at location-targeting is quite organic and interactive since the data being used comes from the Snapchatters themselves when they participate in these geofilters. This provides advertisers a glimpse of the whereabouts of their customers, and a quick and easy view of whether or not their ads were successful.


Snap Inc.