Facebook to hold first-ever Communities Summit on June 2017

It seems Mark Zuckerberg is keeping his word on getting people connected in real life as much as they are connected online. Facebook just announced that they will be doing the first ever Facebook Communities Summit this coming June 22 to 23.

Inspired by his 6000-word manifesto about community-building, Facebook will be inviting hundreds of Facebook Community admins in a two day seminar in Chicago. The event itself is free, as well as food and accommodation, although the participants must take care of their transportation going to Chicago.


Facebook Communities could help bring local communities closer together and drive long-term progress

The conference will help group leaders to better manage their communities, and seeks to unify diverse groups into talking and being involved in one another. Aside from this, Facebook has done other similar initiatives like the F8 Conference for developers, which happened just last Tuesday and Wednesday.

In their website, Facebook says that participants will get to hear from Facebook executives about new products they’re building to help admins grow and manage their groups.  Attendees will also have an opportunity to participate in workshops and give the Facebook team real-time feedback on what will make groups better for them. They’ll also get to meet other admins from across the country who are building remarkable communities through groups.

This is aimed to fulfill one of Facebook’s goals to “strengthen existing communities by helping us come together online as well as offline”. As of now, application to joining the summit is limited to US residents only, with up to three admins allowed to join per group.


Zuckerberg keeping to driving social responsibility as per his manifesto

“A healthy society needs these communities to support our personal, emotional and spiritual needs,” Zuckerberg wrote. “In a world where this physical social infrastructure has been declining, we have a real opportunity to help strengthen these communities and the social fabric of our society.”

Gathering online admins together in person provides them the avenue to learn from one another and give insights to each other’s causes. When combined, this can lead to a great potential for positive change and unity, which is what Facebook aims for.