Social marketing is taking a sophisticated turn in Africa

The recent ‘Brand Winning Social Media Content Briefings’ conference held in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, brought up interesting trends as to how brands, marketing companies and tech companies are planning for the future.


Johannesburg, South Africa


The conference placed focus on the different ways in which social media content will be generated, absorbed and how technology will change the landscape of this. A big game-changer will be the introduction of 5G mobile networks. It’s a network that looks at hyper fast connection capabilities that enables fluid use of technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality. As a result, marketing will move towards a 360 degree experience for their customer bases.

Unsurprisingly big data crept into the conversation as well. Marketing on social media will be far more data based. Real-time analytics and big data will be used for enhanced targeted marketing like no other. Far more advanced algorithms will allow for social media marketing that is 100% personalized. Brands are also starting to realize that people are active participants and need to start listening and engaging more to their customers bases on their social media.



Finally, the frenzy around messenger apps will continue. Instant messaging across platforms such as Facebook, WeChat and WhatsApp will continue to grow on the African continent. As a result, instant messaging platforms that reply instantly to customers will continue to grow. Companies such as Cheapflights have already implemented message bots and other companies are following suit.

The introduction of ‘lite’ versions of Facebook and recently Twitter in emerging markets in Africa will continue to help facilitate the growth of increased users on social media.