Pinterest partners with small businesses

Pinterest has unveiled a new program called Pinterest Propel. This program is open to advertisers of small and medium-sized businesses, as a way to provide special services and support to first-time Pinterest ads users.

Through this move, Pinterest has begun partnering with a new group of advertisers who will be contributing to its revenues in the future.

With a $100 per day of Pinterest ad spend, companies are given extra services and support, as well as help from Pinterest in designing their ads. The program is also not just limited to small businesses, but is also offered to marketing agencies, who are given customized tips and help straight from ad specialists for up to three clients.

Pinterest has decided to recruit these small businesses as these companies are the ones who need advertising the most. In the social media platform where users are free to contribute their ideas, pins from these small businesses tend to become overlooked as they appear similar to posts from any other user.

With this new partnership program, these new advertisers will be able to invest more for the growth of their company with special help from the experts. As Pinterest is reportedly expected to achieve more than $500 million this year, according to Recode, this bold move is set to diversify its advertising business.

Through Pinterest Propel, Pinterest has shown their forward and long term thinking, by targetting companies who have the biggest potential of growth and contribution to their ad revenues in the future.