Pinterest’s visual search integrated into Samsung Galaxy 8’s Bixby

Pinterest announced today that its visual search technology will be integrated in the new Samsung Galaxy S8, through Bixby, the mobile phone’s AI assistant.

This news was announced today at Samsung’s Unpacked event, in line with the unveiling of the brand new Galaxy S8.

With this new feature made available on the highly anticipated mobile phone, users are able to access billions of Pins with just one snap of the camera, or a photo in their photo gallery.

By taking a photo through the app, this will immediately redirect them to related ideas and recommendations of similar products and projects on Pinterest, and across the web. Users will be able to perform visual searches and match real-life items to match those online.

This function that used to be within Pinterest’s Lens application can now be used directly through Samsung’s Bixby Vision, now built right into the phone.

This new partnership between Samsung and Pinterest is a win-win situation for both companies, as the new feature gives Samsung leverage over its competitors, and at the same time helps Pinterest grow its ad business without people even downloading its app.

The company has put their focus on visual search as their main source of revenue in the future, and has rolled out several new features related to it, the latest being app install ads. With this new venture, Pinterest will definitely grow its value proposition to advertisers even more.



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