Mara Social Media acquisition of Nimbuzz Assets is mobile-tech union

It is the coming together of a multi-channel platform and a mobile innovation app that has people excited about Mara Social Media’s recent acquisition of Nimbuzz Assets.

Mara Social Media is a multi-dimensional platform with several channels, including avenues for mobile and technological innovation, a networking platform for people across emerging African markets as well as an entrepreneurial hub.

Nimbuzz on the other hand is an instant messaging, video and voice calling app that works across all devices (laptop, iPad, mobile phones etc.). It works across all the major operating systems which is a huge plus.

The acquisition is a strategic collaboration in the right direction according to the CEO of Mara Social Media, Anubhay Nagar. He highlights that reports have shown that “social media apps are likely to be eclipsed by messaging apps” in the next two years. Having them as one obviously then strengthens Mara’s position in the market.

The acquisition itself is remarkable considering the amount of information that will be generated between the two as a result of the exchange in databases and IP as well.

The platform stretches across several domains and exciting industries – including the field of entrepreneurship, mentoring, online job platform and more.


Mara Social Media

Anubhav Nagar, CEO at MARA SOCIAL MEDI