Twitter to unveil new content and streams at Digital Content Newfronts

As any good marketer knows, building anticipation can pull people in. Twitter is taking the traditional route by announcing that they will release new updates during the Digital Content Newfronts convention. Usually, press releases do the job for social media giants, but conference announcements like Apple’s yearly iPhone release and Facebook’s Developer Conference are usually meant for big reveals.

For Twitter to attend a conference and announce a debut, investors are expecting it to be big and possibly highly profitable. Digital Content Newfronts is a series of events that allows media companies, such as television show producers and network executives, to engage with other industries.

The goal of the convention is to showcase advertising opportunities and close potential deals with investors. Former participants include Google, Yahoo, Hulu, Microsoft, and AOL, to name a few. For Twitter to move into this territory means that they are following through on their public assertion that they will be one of the top digital media providers and platforms in the world.

Although engagement is high this season, Twitter still doesn’t have the net value it needs to be an attractive investment. It’s possible that will all change once they make their announcement at Digital Content Newfronts.

Hopefully, Twitter has something really enticing in store for the media executives because they will be pitted against the likes of Buzzfeed, Bloomberg, The New York Times, and Time, Inc. All of those names are new to the media game since they all started in different fields outside of advertising. However, each one of those has been adapting better than Twitter has for the past two years.







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