Facebook’s releases location broadcasting update

Facebook’s new Live Location allows users to broadcast their location to friends and family while en route or while waiting for someone. It is an optional feature that users can use at their own discretion however Facebook hopes the feature will help people keep better track of their plans and meet ups and also monitor their trips safely.

Facebook states that one of the most common phrases they picked up on Messenger’s data is, “How far away are you?” Head of Product for Messenger Stan Chudnovsky said, “It’s what they’re interested in the most.”

The feature should also prove helpful to those who might get lost in huge areas or unfamiliar places. Users can broadcast their location for a period of one hour, while monitoring the time left and their ETA on the Messenger app.

The new update has been added to the Location icon in messenger. Users can choose to send their current location, or broadcast their location live to their friend while they travel. They can also stop the broadcast at any time.

Live broadcasts of location were already being used by ride-haling apps like Uber and Lyft, as well as traffic-monitoring apps like Waze. It’s not a revolutionary feature by any means, but it does add more to Facebook’s arsenal of in-app features on Messenger.

Live Location could possibly affect the current market that uses location tracking services by keeping users solely using Messenger. Instead of opening a different app, users can stay on Messenger and continue to converse with their friends while broadcasting their location.



Stan Chudnovsky