YouTube launches Cards, End Screens, in lieu of Annotations Editor

Beginning May 2nd, users will no longer have the option to either add or edit existing annotations, but just to delete, according to Muli Salem, product manager at Google, in a blog post, which likewise announced the launch of Cards and End Screens to replace Annotations Editor.

According to Salem, the use of the Annotations Editor has decreased by 70% following the adoption of Cards and End Screens, which lead to the decision of phasing out the former altogether. Both Cards and End Screens are mobile-friendly tools that allow users to poll their audience, link to merchandise, and recommend videos, among others.

Salem further explained that they have developed both tools based on user reviews including the ability to link videos within a playlist, import videos, and use smart elements—now possible with Cards and End Screens.

Mobile views for the video-sharing website have substantially grown over the years and, as of date, rake in 60 percent of the total watch time on YouTube. Apparently, it is a clear and convincing enough reason for the platform to shift its focus to mobile-friendly apps and tools.




Muli Salem, Google