LinkedIn data shows about one-third of Indian professionals recruited via social networks in 2016

Irfan Abdulla, Talent Solutions director at LinkedIn India, confirmed in an interview that 32 %, or about one-third, of Indian professionals were recruited through social media platforms between January 2016 to December 2016.

The announcement was following the release of a list of Indian recruiters who were deemed to have employed smartly in 2016, based on LinkedIn Recruiter Index, as well as the engagement level on the professional network. The list comprises of communications products and services companies, management consulting firms, and business process management companies, among others.



Abdulla also explained that, “the job market today has transformed into a candidate’s marketplace wherein candidates choose their employers, as opposed to recruiters choosing them,” a statement reaffirming the huge role played by various social networks in both the professional and personal lives of its users.

Recent developments in LinkedIn that are relevant to recruiters and candidates alike include the recent launch of Open Candidates in India, which allows job seekers to privately notify recruiters of candidates’ interest in taking up now roles without their current bosses knowing it, and the reinstatement of popular search features following a petition spearheaded by a recruitment manager.



Irfan Abdulla, LinkedIn