Uprise in Brazil mobile e-commerce

The Brazilian user is buying 111% more via mobile shopping apps by the end of 2016, shows a new research by Flurry Analytics. The research compares the updated data with the previous year. The general use of instant messaging apps and social media adds to this trend.

This number is being celebrated by the largest e-commerce companies as it is a strong indication that users here are getting into the momentum of online purchasing. It’s a breath of fresh air since mobile purchasers are a large, relatively untapped market previously.



An interesting point is, unlike the USA and other markets, research finds that there is no peak access time, and users are always online, meaning advertisers and developers have a much larger window to engage consumers.

The preferred mobile models here are Android devices with larger screens. Samsung has the largest market share in Brazil (45%), while Apple has lost 7% of its market in comparison to the previous year. Phablets are also a big thing at the moment, representing 56% of the devices in the country, and this preference is directly associated with the accession to media and social apps.

Chinese companies like Alibaba are already focusing their attention on Brazil. The platform has already been adapted to Portuguese language, has 2.5 million active users and the country is currently its 4th largest market. The company is calling out any small and medium entrepreneurs to form partnerships and is currently in talks of opening its first official Brazilian office.