Spectacles 2nd pop up store now in LA

It’s not been long since they closed their store in New York and now, Snap has opened their new Spectacles pop-up store in sunny Southern California.

On their site, the company confirms the opening of the LA branch, stating customers can pop by from 11am until sunset.

What started out as roving vending machines selling their $130 wearables led to a huge demand, urging the company to open a semi-permanent store in New York City last November. They closed 3 months later in February this year. The limited amount and exclusivity of these video camera glasses caused quite the curiosity, and soon had people lining up to get their hands on one. Just last month Snap brought Spectacles online, reaching a wider audience.


Spectacles, New York


Spectacles is the company’s first attempt at hardware – and was launched with Snapchat’s rebranding to Snap – and marks the ideation evolution in company direction and positioning. Snap claims itself to be a camera company although one will argue that in the world of social tech and big players it is difficult to pinpoint an exact destination as competition arises: Facebook, Instagram, Medium and Viber are all using Stories-like features and it is up to Snap to set themselves apart from the rest post-IPO.

The new Spectacles pop-up store is located at 701 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA, 90291.


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