14 year old creates chatbot for Facebook

Alec Jones wanted to make something that would help his fellow students organize their tasks using their most-used device – their smartphones. He came up with the idea to create a bot that helps students keep track of homework assignments to enhance their productivity.

The story of how Alec decided to develop the bot was borne out of his own need for the organization and reminder options it offered. He constantly forgot to bring books and schoolwork home. He needed to go earlier the next day to catch up on his assignments. That was when he noticed other students experiencing the same problem.



The Christopher Bot now has over 3,000 subscribers – most of whom are based in Thailand. The bot works through the Messenger platform- Messenger gave out its API to thousands of developers to encourage them to create helpful bots for users.

Christopher Bot works for students who forget to write down the deadlines of their tasks and the homework assigned by their teachers. Students register their course schedule and after each class the bot sends a message asking if they have any assignments for the previous class.



When the student answers yes, the bot replies with quirky messages such as, “That sucks more than a vacuum.” Before the school day ends, the bot will remind the student of the assignments they answered “yes” to.

Alec developed the bot from scratch, with minimal knowledge on app development. A Facebook spokesperson dubbed the feat as “an incredible achievement,” considering Alec’s non-existent history with bot development.

Amidst Facebook’s recent decision to hold off on its chatbot development initiative, Alec Jones’s chatbot is an inspiring feat in AI development.



Alec Jones