Dan Shapero to replace Eduardo Vivas as LinkedIn head of Product and Talent Solutions

Eduardo Vivas, currently LinkedIn’s head of Product and Talent Solutions, is leaving the professional network by end of 2017 as confirmed by the company spokeswoman last March 10th. His position will be filled in by Dan Shapero, who is currently the vice president of Talent Solutions and Careers.

Vivas founded Bright, a human resources software startup which LinkedIn later acquired for $120 million in 2014. He has since worked with the professional network. While the spokeswoman denied that Vivas’s decision to leave is connected to recent senior management changes, the exit does come at a time where LinkedIn is facing top management developments.

Last month, Microsoft released LinkedIn’s contribution to the multinational technology company amounting to $228 million in sales although it also reportedly cost them $201 million worth of operating loss.

The latest churning of top management as well as rapid product developments and updates in the professional network is a byproduct of the $26.4 billion Microsoft/LinkedIn acquisition. The past few months have seen both internal and external changes in an attempt to address member needs by qualifying current features through strategic planning.




Dan Shapero, LinkedIn

Eduardo Vivas, Bright