Facebook rethinks chatbot development seeing massive failure rate

Due to a significant failure rate of 70% in answering customers’ questions and act on requests, Facebook plans to scale back on development for Messenger chatbots.

Silicon Valley blog The Information reports that the requests and questions had to be moderated and processed by humans, a huge setback for Facebook’s artificial intelligence initiative. The reason for the lack of positive responsiveness from the app may be due to Facebook hiring outside developers to develop their main chatbot, which was not fully developed upon launch.



Due to this misstep, Facebook is holding off on developing other chatbots. Their focus is on the Messenger chatbot primarily and programming it to answer a small set of questions to avoid more user complaints and negative sentiments.

The chatbot initiative was in line with Facebook’s mission to boost engagement and efficient transactions among users, businesses, and consumers. Messenger was to be the go-to app for daily user needs.

Last April, Facebook announced that it would provide developers with a set of tools and an API for its Messenger platform. The goal was to allow outside developers to create chatbots that would help users engage with the Messenger app, as well as help businesses earn money.



After that, Facebook revealed that there were 11,000 chatbots performing inside the app and that 23,000 developers promised to support and develop more applications for the Messenger bot. Now that Facebook has revealed it will put a pause on chatbot development, many developers and business partners will likely be stuck in limbo.

The latest announcement made by Facebook concerning their Messenger chatbot was about their partnership with TransferWise. Since the project involves money transfer process the chatbot failure may cause a set back in their money-transfer bot which is already up and running.

We’re staying tuned on what’s up this social media giant’s sleeves.



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