LinkedIn listens to recruiter feedback, reinstates popular search features

David Flink, director of product management, search and discovery at LinkedIn, announced in a blog post the reinstatement of some popular search features, which were removed over the course of redesigning the professional network.

The decision to reverse is mainly due to the negative feedback provided by several agency, in-house, and recruitment firms, so much so that Mark Jury, recruitment manager at Parkway Engineering Services, petitioned for the restoration of a number of features. As of March 1st, the petition has attracted over 1,700 supporters.

According to Flink, LinkedIn believes in “members first”, where they value the opinions of their members, acknowledge missteps, and ensure that they address it accordingly. In that regard, he outlined the features that LinkedIn is planning to reestablish in the next few months: text fields, sticky filters, and saved searches, among others.

LinkedIn has been rolling out several new features and product updates as a consequence of the Microsoft-LinkedIn acquisition in the past few months. While some may feel adversely affected by the changes, others do not share the same sentiment. For one, Mark Hopkins, director at Thomas Lee Recruitment, quipped that he simply misses the little features he enjoyed reading.



David Flink, LinkedIn

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