Microsoft CFO Amy Hood says LinkedIn acquisition is about revenue growth

Microsoft CFO Amy Hood divulged in a talk at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference on February 27th that the multinational technology company is “deeply focused on driving revenue growth” and not cost savings, pertaining to the $26.4 billion Microsoft-LinkedIn acquisition in 2016.

“Jeff’s a great leader,” Hood said, in an attempt to describe the rapport between Microsoft and LinkedIn executives. Notwithstanding the acquisition, it was previously announced that the professional network will still retain its brand, culture, and independence, as well as Weiner as its CEO. Even so, Hood added that the two companies do intend to leverage each other’s sales force in the integration.

In order to drive revenue growth for LinkedIn, the CFO announced that they will be focusing on return on investment, as well as investments in initiatives that will generate income. When asked whether they are willing to spend more money on innovations, Hood answered in the affirmative, as long as “we’re putting it in the right place.”

To this point, the professional network has already brought in $228 million in sales for Microsoft based on the latter’s quarterly results, which it recently released. With the full extent of the integration finally coming to fruition with product updates and new features being introduced now and again, LinkedIn is well expected to rake in more revenue for the multinational technology company.




Morgan Stanley

Amy Hood, Microsoft